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Carnivore Restaurant

  • Carnivore Restaurant

    Carnivore Restaurant

  • Carnivore Restaurant

    Lunch at the Carnivore Photo by Tamarind Group


The Carnivore Restaurant is situated 4 km from the Nairobi City Centre and is a meat speciality restaurant.

Strikingly different from anything ever seen in Nairobi, the Carnivore does not follow the normal restaurant traditions of ordering food from a menu. Guests simply take a seat at the table and the feast begins.  Whole joints of meat….legs of lamb and pork, ostrich, rumps of beef, sirloins, racks of lamb, spare ribs, sausages, chicken wings, skewered kidneys and even crocodile, that have been roasted over a huge, charcoal pit until cooked to perfection, are brought to your table by friendly waiters. This “beast of a feast”  is preceeded by the soup of the day with home baked brown bread and butter. Accompanying side dishes include a wide selection of salads and vegetable, as well as exotic sauces made from the Carnivore’s own recipes.

The feast goes on until guests concede defeat by lowering the white paper flag on the table, and then dessert and coffee is served.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is one of a medieval banqueting hall in a rural setting, and the name Carnivore is synonymous with the “dawa” – their signature vodka cocktail, brought to you by Mr Dawa himself (Dawa in Kiswahili means medicine or magic potion).  The dawa is now one of the most widely consumed cocktails in Kenya.

Adjoining the main restaurant is the informal restaurant, the Simba Saloon, where you can order a la carte meals, and which turns into a nightclub when the sun sets.

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The Carnivore and the Simba Saloon can be combined to create the most spectacular 'gala events like the Carnivore African Experience or Carnival parties for more than 1000 persons where the mood is one of complete fiesta complemented with bands, traditional entertainment, fire eaters, stilt walkers, food streets, or whatever the theme preference may be.